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GAEP appreciates the importance of efficient service delivery.

Knowledge & Learning

GAEP values information knowledge and skills and recognizes that both gathering and sharing information and knowledge are essential to sustainable development.


Recognizing the dynamic nature of an increasingly integrated world, GAEP is committed to offering tailored solutions to societal challenges at all level.

Partnership & Collaboration

GAEP recognizes that relevant information comes with a wide range of stakeholders.


GAEP Consults is a limited liability company registered in the Republic of Uganda to offer a wide range of consultancy services. GAEP Consults works in partnership with public-sector, private and civil society organizations as well as development agencies to fill capacity gaps and challenges in incorporating gender in planning.

GAEP Consults was founded by pioneer graduate students of Gender Analysis in Economics from Makerere University, Uganda, with support from United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).Read more


To create a society where women and men, fully contribute to development.


To promote effective service delivery and economic development through building and sharing gender sensitive information and knowledge based on research training.


The Gender Agenda, “Are We There Yet?”.

I was so surprised when I visited the people of Nyanja in Muhanga Sub County, Kabale district. These people find it hard to get water because of the steep slopes; harvesting water has never crossed their minds.

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Women Empowerement Leads to Increased Household Income.

As we celebrated women’s day on the 8th March, 2014, a lot has since been talked about the woman.

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Media, The Best Platform of Creating Awareness on the Dangers of GBV Among Men and Women

Gender-based violence is derived from unequal power relationships between men and women. It includes, but is not limited to, physical, sexual, and psychological harm...

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